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A Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, with over 15 years experience educating, advising and coaching hundreds to their true soul's purpose.


  • Educating Pre-K 0 years to 12th grade and college professionals.

  • Licensed in ESOL and Reading. Able to teach all ages how to read and speak English.

  • Administration K-12 Principal.

  • College Academic Advisor.



Want to get back in school? In school and need a plan?

Want to start a business in the area of education?

Or just questions pertaining to education for yourself or child!


  • Academic Advising

  • Scholarship Research

  • Financial Aid Advising

  • Grant Research

  • Alternative Education

  • International transfer advising and aide research.

  • Educational and Testing Resource.


You will receive: Digital step by step  individualized plan catered to your educational and professional needs as well as resources and guidance to receive the maximum amount of grants, scholarships and aid to achieve your goals.


The purpose of our company is to offer a core and holistic alternative to education. Our goal is to provide high quality education catered to the core individuals needs to live their highest purpose in education and career. We create an atmosphere to restore families, build life learners, and create financial freedom.